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Pet Theft Awareness

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The NEW Scanning Petition

Please sign this petition to close the loopholes preventing missing microchipped dogs and cats from getting home.
#Fernlaw microchip scanning of pets legislation change

Gizmo's Legacy parliamentary debate 17 June 2019

Please email your MP and tell them why you think it's important they should attend.

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Police freedom-of-information data for cat and dog theft

The 2019 Cat Theft Report

The two reports above show Police freedom-of-information data over several years
for cat theft and dog theft.

Click the icons to view the data.

The Pet Theft Petition

Please ask everyone to sign this government petition

Pet Theft Reform: Amend animal welfare law to make pet theft a specific offence.
#PetTheftReform pet theft petition 2019 government epetition

What is #PetTheftReform ?

Pet Theft Reform can be achieved by making minor revisions to existing legislation.

The 1968 Theft Act and 2016 updated guidelines: (fails to mention domestic pets anywhere within the current legislation which has led to confusion in the courts, as they continue to treat our pets as inanimate objects).

1. Reclassify Pet Theft as a specific crime in its own right within the Sentencing Guidelines, as is the case with vehicles and bicycles.

2. Revise the Sentencing Guidelines so the monetary value of a pet is no longer the main factor in sentencing an offender. The theft of a dog with a perceived monetary value of £50 should be treated the same as a dog valued at £5,000. As family members, pets are priceless and irreplaceable.

3. Aggravated sentence provision for pet theft to give the courts more extended discretion.

4. Treat pet theft as category two offence or above, to act as a serious deterrent.

Animal Welfare Act 2006:-

1. Add pet theft to the Animal Welfare Act, as proposed by Rt Hon Ross Thomson’s Pet (Theft) Bill.

The Microchipping Of Dogs (England) Regulations 2016:-

1. It is compulsory to microchip dogs but optional for veterinary practices and other animal-related organisations to scan. Making scanning and checking microchip registration compulsory will help reunite missing and stolen pets.

2. Cats and other pets could be included.

Pet thieves see Pet Theft as a low risk high reward crime and we need #PetTheftReform to protect our pets.

Please write to your MP:

Pet Theft Petition - Success!

Created by Dr Daniel Allen

Petition now closed with target achieved. Thank you to everyone who signed.
Downing Street

The purpose of this petition is to reclassify the theft of a pet to a specific crime in its own right.

Review the sentencing guidelines for theft offences, so that where the theft of a family pet is involved, monetary value is irrelevant for the categorisation of the crime for sentencing purposes.

Ensure Police Forces are given appropriate guidance and training to record and investigate cases.

More details

More than 60 dogs are stolen every week in England and Wales. Less than 5% of cases lead to convictions.

Pet theft is currently seen as no different to the theft of an inanimate object - despite pets being sentient beings. The theft of pets is generally categorised as robbery or burglary, but lead to minimal sentences. Enforcement of existing laws do not currently act as a deterrent or fit the crime itself.

For more information, please see: SAMPA: the Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance

Petition Response

Write to your MP

Write to your local MP asking for support in the ‘Reclassification of pet theft, tougher sentencing to act as a deterrent and the sentencing council to not just consider the monetary value of an irreplaceable family pet’

More information about wrting to your MP


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