Gundog Theft Awareness Week - This coming October 31st - November 7th


In December 2012 a German Shorthaired Pointer called Angel was stolen after being exercised with the owner’s other dogs. The dog was about to be loaded into the owner’s car when she saw a white van leave the area and no Angel in sight. Unfortunately in spite of the great efforts still being made by the owner, Angel is still missing.

It was at the height of this search in March 2013 that by chance Arnot Wilson, director of the Dog Union saw a graphic on social media on pet theft by which lead to the founding of Pet Theft Awareness by him and co founder Richard Jordan.

Pet Theft Awareness is now established as a prominent organisation in its field and although promoting animal theft awareness throughout the year it has two highlight events - Pet Theft Awareness Week in March and Gundog Theft Awareness Week in October.

Because of the high percentage of gundogs being stolen it was felt that some importance should be given to making shooters aware of the need to be vigilant during the shooting season and so a specific week was designated to this problem.

Pet Theft Awareness is a member of the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare (APGAW) and of the Stolen & Missing Pets Alliance (SAMPA). At present it is working to get recognition for pets as a “valued living possession” as opposed to an inanimate object and to get a custodial sentence for pet theft. It is also campaigning through its membership of SAMPA to get compulsory microchip scanning. It truly believes that the only way to get reunification of stolen and missing dogs is by compulsory scanning and not through a code of practice which is the governments preferred way.

The aims of Pet theft Awareness are:

  • To prevent pet theft through awareness.
  • To provide information to assist victims.
  • To campaign for the reclassification of pet theft and tougher penalties to deter pet theft including custodial sentences.
  • To get compulsory microchip scanning to encourage greater reunification of stolen and missing dogs with their owners.

Pet Theft Awareness is an non- profit making organisation.