Gundog Theft Awareness Week - This coming October 31st - November 7th

Other Organisations

SAMPAStolen & Missing Pets Alliance (SAMPA)

SAMPA was formed in March 2014 and comprises of five organisations interested in increased penalties to deter pet theft and the need to amend the Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2014 (due to be implemented in April 2016) to include compulsory scanning. The five organisations are DogLost – the country’s largest reunification organisation, Dog Theft Action, Pet Theft Awareness, the Dog Union and Vets Get Scanning all of which have a common interest in pet theft and microchipping. Because of the groundswell of support for these issues through the five organisations, it was decided to form an alliance to provide a stronger and united voice for changes in the pet theft laws and the proposed microchipping legislation.

Together the organisations are campaigning for:

  • Compulsory microchip scanning by vets, rescues & dog wardens
  • Compulsory microchip scanning of recovered deceased pets by the Highway Agency & Network Rail
  • Proof of ownership through a microchip
  • Reclassification of Dog Theft
  • Stronger and Tougher Pet Theft Legislation

Award-winning DogLost is the country’s premier reunification service. Its automated alerts and poster generation is supported by a network of volunteers who offer advice and support on the ground as well as the website. It works closely with the police, dog wardens and rescues and it is at the forefront of fighting back against the rising crime of dog theft. The service is entirely free to owners and it helped more than 12,000 last year.



Your best friend when a microchipped pet goes missing. If your pet should go missing, microchipping is a great way to ensure that the best efforts are made to reunite you with your pet, however it is only effective if pet owners remember to keep their contact details up to date. As the UK's largest pet microchip database and with additional benefits for you, Petlog has made the update your details process as easy and convenient as possible for pet owners by introducing Petlog Premium and two new mobile apps.


Pet Theft AwarenessFormed in March 2013, Pet Theft Awareness through its campaigns highlights to a wider audience the misery that thieves cause by stealing pets and horses. It has three main aims: Prevention, guidance to victims and to campaign for tougher laws.


If you register your dog with either Scanner Angel or through a number of national registration databases, the microchip number of your missing dog is sent through to the Scanner Angel system.Every Scanner Angel enabled microchip scanner, like the Halo scanner, is loaded with that microchip number the next time it is connected to the system. If the vet or user of the scanner then scans your dog, it will show on the scanner’s display “Reported missing by ....” and give the organisation’s name and telephone number to contact. They will then contact you to reunite you with your dog. Once you have been reunited with your dog, you contact your organisation to let them know you that the dog is home safely and then the microchip number will be removed from the system and the scanners.


When Sir Bruce Forsyth’s daughter’s microchipped dogs were stolen in May 2006, the family found out how the microchip system in place was letting responsible pet owners down. Since then they have been campaigning to get compulsory microchip scanning by vets, rescues, dog warden and have now included the Highway Agencies and Network Rail.