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Pet Theft Awareness

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  • Whilst walking your dog, concentrate fully. Be aware of what's going on around you and any potential risks. This means no distractions from mobile phones or ipods etc.
  • Smart Alarm Systems let you see from your mobile what's happening at home when you are out. 9% of dogs stolen are through breaking and entering.
  • With CCTV now so inexpensive, it makes good sense to have one watching over your garden. Approximately 52% of dogs get stolen from a garden. Never think your garden is secure!
  • Download personal safety apps such as "Hollie Guard" and precise location app such as "What3words"
  • If your dog is a persistent wanderer, why not invest in a GPS collar? Dogs that go missing can often be adopted by “Finders keepers”. Remember a dog has only got to be held in a local council pound for seven days before it can be destroyed or rehomed. Don’t take it that because your dog is microchipped it will be scanned!

For more information visit the following sites. There are other sites available.

Tips for protecting your dog:

  • Never leave your dog unattended while you shop.
  • Be vigilant that thieves grab dogs from owners on walks
  • Keep your garden secure. Over 50% of dogs stolen are stolen from gardens!
  • Consider using a dog walking field for off lead exercise. (

Also important:

  • Take regular photographs of your pets and be ready to use them.
  • By law your dog must be microchipped. Make sure it is microchipped and if you move home make sure you inform your microchip registration database as soon as you move. If you are not sure which database you are registered with then use:
  • Have the microchip checked by your vet at least once a year to ensure that it is still functioning.
  • Register your dog’s details with DogLost. Its free.
  • Always carry your dog’s microchip number in your phone together with an up to date photo of your dog.
  • Make a list of all the important telephone numbers you will need should your dog go missing. (eg Police, DogLost, Database Company, Dog Warden, Vet, Local Rescue, Friends)
  • Enter these into your phone immediately and have a copy in your car. This can also be used in case of a road traffic accident.
  • If you go on holiday, make a temporary list of contact numbers as above before you go and advise your microchip database.

Victim Support

What to do if your dog is stolen:

  • If your dog is snatched try to take photographs of any vehicles used in the crime. Write down as much info as you can straight away.
  • Contact DogLost immediately sending details of the incident and photo of your dog. They will produce flyer for posting and alert their network of volunteers. It may also be helpful to install the android app for your phone or tablet.
  • Check regularly on websites that sell pets to see if your dog has been put up for sale. This can happen extremely quickly
  • Contact friends and start an immediate search of the area.
  • Contact the police immediately and get a crime number.
  • Consider areas where you think thieves might take your dog.
  • The quicker you act now the better the chance you have of getting back your pet.
  • Put message out on Facebook including an image of your dog. Tell your friends to share. Tweet too.
  • Contact your microchip database and advise them that that your dog has gone missing.
  • Put a poster up in your police station - maybe one of the police officers will see it and recognise your pet.
  • Inform your vet, local dog warden, local dog rescue and local Highways department.
  • Post details on Petlog lost and found facebook here.
  • Visit Stolen or Lost Dogs Directory for a comprehensive list of things to do if your dog should be stolen or go missing (

Hopefully, you will get your pet back having not been harmed

What to do if your horse is stolen:

It's often harder to determine if your horse is missing or has been stolen. Use the same advice as above but you need to register your horse's details on suitable equine related websites and social media. Register details immediately and include photos

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Tracing Equines

Stolen Horse Register

UK Horsewatch


Missing Horses on Loan

Stolen Horse International

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