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Pet Theft Awareness

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The 2021 Cat Theft Report

View the 2021 report for cat thefts including police recordings, courts and prosecutions.

Police, Pets, and Microchip Scanners

View the Police, Pets, and Microchip Scanners, Facts and figures including which Police own scanners and how many owned in 2019.

The 2019 Dog Theft Crime Data

View the Spatialities of Dog Theft: A Critical Perspective as published recently by Dr Daniel Allen and his team. is at the forefront of reuniting dogs and owners. A truly unique non profit website which lets you promote your lost dog, create missing posters and notify other users and organisations in your area of missing dogs. It also provides valuable help and expertise from their nationwide network of volunteers Also works with the Halo Scanner, Angel scanner, providing quick and easy identification of missing dogs when found by rescues and local authorities.

Petlog One of the leading UK pet reunification databases managed by The Kennel Club. Securely holds your dog's microchip and owners' details ready for vets and rescue centers to scan and reunite you with your dog....hopefully. You can join Petlog Premium for £10 and get benefits which include ability to send 30 mile radius alert to all authorised users immediately when a pet goes missing and Lost Pet Alert on the free MyDogUK app.

Scanner Angel - HALO

Scanner Angel work alongside Petlog, the largest UK database, and DogLost, the premier dog search team, and their network of Scanner Angel enabled microchip scanners, like the Halo scanner. Using this reunification system highlights the importance and responsibility of owners to keep their contact details up to date with Petlog, whether you’ve moved address, changed telephone number or even gone on holiday.

Stolen Horse Register

The Stolen Horse Register is a central repository of all horse, ponies and donkeys that have gone missing and presumed stolen in the United Kingdom. It is principally a communication vehicle allowing details of stolen equines to be disseminated to a wide circle very quickly.

UK Horsewatch Alliance

UK Horsewatch Alliance is group of people from Horsewatch groups all over the country, who will meet at regular intervals to work together to provide a network of information and support to combat equine crime.

Useful Contacts

We have compiled a list of useful contacts either to prevent theft of your animal or to help in cases of theft.

Dog Behaviourists:
Animal Behaviour and Training Council
Association of Pet Behaviourist Counsellors
Dog Training:
Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Benefits of Pets for Kids:
The Essential Guide
Keeping Pets Safe In The Home
Database of all dog wardens:
Horse Theft Organisations
Equine World UK
National Equestrian Crime Database Ltd
UK Horsewatch Alliance
List of Local Authorities
National Dog Tattoo Register
Premier Equimark Freeze Marking
Freezemark Limited
Northern Brand Freeze Branding and Marking
Pet Detectives
The Pet Detectives
Animal Search UK
Police Authorities
Rescue Centres
Tracking Devices
Pet Transportation Care
Veterinary Surgeons

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